Letters and Signs

Shipping Information

Shipping Costs

We strive to find the best prices for our customers when it comes to shipping signage. We use UPS, FedEx, and ground carriers for large projects. When we quote the cost to ship a project we are basing our “estimate” on approx. size and weight of the box or crate that it will be placed in. After the project has been completed and packaged, only then will we know the exact cost to ship the box – (since we can weigh it, and have the exact size of the box or crate). For signage that is in a box or container over 24″ in width or length, FedEx and UPS charges an extra handling fee – approx 35% or more to ship the product. We will do everything we can to give exact shipping costs up front in the estimates, and invoices. However, if the product costs more to ship than we estimated, we will let you know immediately and charge the difference against whatever we had quoted. 2nd day and Overnight packages will not be quoted for shipping costs prior to the project being completed and packaged for shipping. With the recent increase in fuel prices, both FedEx and UPS have raised their rates 5 times in the last six months of 2011. Its true that shipping outside the United States can get expensive – we work hard to find the most cost effective way to ship your signage needs, and get them to you in a timely manner. We have found in most instances that USPS works the best. This is especially true when we ship to APO addresses. PLEASE NOTE: When we ship to overseas locations, we do our best to guess the approx. cost of shipping. However, there are instances where the cost is more than we quoted. (shipping rates to oversea’s locations change constantly due to customs, where the package has to travel, shipping cost, etc.). If the shipping is more than what was quoted, we will only charge you for the additional cost to ship (with proof of the shipping receipt). We do not charge for our time to stand in line, declare the items, and delivery to a local Post Office.

Manufacturing Delays

There are occasions when there are manufacturing delays (caused by excessive amount of orders, machinery breakdowns, etc.) When these occur (which isn’t often) we do everything in our power to let you know what is happening with your project and when it will ship.

Shipping Delays

We rely heavily on the information of shipping times from our carriers like UPS, FedX, and USPS. But occasionally weather plays a major factor in delays. This can affect Ground UPS , Ground Fedx, USPS priority, and of course any 2nd Day or Overnite Delivery. We will let you know of any delays as they occur and the shipping times that are given to us. We cannot be held responsible for delays from our shippers but will do everything to speed up any delays.

Damage Claims

All claims for breakage and /or damage, must be reported immediately by the purchaser to us – 1-800-804-0655. Send us pictures of the damage to: creative@www.lettersandsigns.com with as much detail as possible, how it was received, etc. Failure to report any claims for breakage or damage within 3 days shall cause the purchaser to waive claims. We require that damage claims be made as soon as possible so that we can make claims to the shipper immediately. We cannot emphasis this enough, contacting us 2-3 weeks after delivery and telling us the product was damaged in shipping raises suspicions and we are unable at that time to go to the shipper for resolution.

Non Accessible Address / Return Shipments

We have had issues with delivery in heavy urban area’s, especially in New York City where commercial locations share the same address, or are right around the corner. Work Job sites are not advisable for shipping drop offs. If your address is not accessible by any of our Shipping Carriers and comes back to our plant – we will have to charge you again for shipping. If a signage project is returned to one of our plants for any reason or needs to be resent to a different address – it is the responsibility of the customer to pay for the additional shipping charges. (which would be shipping charges back to the plant and shipping going back out to the new location.)

Refusal of Shipment

If a shipment is refused for any reason, it does not constitute a refund of the products that have been ordered. All products are custom made, and have had prior written approval and payment from the contact customer prior to shipment. Change in the scope of work after the manufacture of the products and shipment of the signage products are the responsibility of the customer not new_letters_signs.com.

Plan Ahead

Give yourself plenty of time to receive your signage project.