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Why Choose DIY Directional Signs?

Our DIY Directional & Pylon signs are a perfection solution for any business or organization that needs versatile wayfinding and room signage.  These signs are available in a curved or flat metal design and have a removable face plate so you can change out your paper insert whenever you like. Available in virtually any size and numerous mounting options, these signs are great for directories, hallways, offices, classrooms and conference rooms.

Changeable Inserts

Every sign comes blank with a removable face plate so you can print and change your own paper insert whenever you like. It provides great flexibility and changeability for offices, schools and churches. 

ADA & Braille Options

We can custom print Braille beads and ADA artwork on certain wall signs to make them ADA compliant. The signs still have a removable face allowing you to change your paper insert for different backgrounds and logos.

Variety of Sizes

We have hundreds of size and style options for our DIY Directional & Pylon Signs. Small sizes which are great for cubicles and office name plates, all the way to larger sizes for directories and pylons. 

DIY Sign Options

Check out the many possibilities

Wall Signs

We offer curved wall signs and flat wall signs, both of which come with a removable face and changeable inserts. Just print your own insert and change it whenever you like just by removing the clear faceplate. This makes for a versatile and flexible sign option, perfect for classrooms, offices, and conference rooms.

curved wall sign for nursing station hospital
curved wall directional wayfiniding sign for lobby elevator

Directory Signs

Directory Signage is always constantly changing with different names or businesses. This can become extremely costly if you are ordering permanent directories every time you need to change a name. Our changeable Directory Signs are a great option and gives you the flexibility to change the name or business just by simply removing the faceplate and putting in a new insert.

Projecting Signs

Our Projecting Signs are a great option for hallways, room signage, and bathrooms. Easy to mount perpendicular onto almost any wall surface, and provides double sided visibility as it sticks out from the wall. Our Projecting Wall Signs are also very versatile because they’re changeable – just remove the faceplate to change your own paper insert whenever you like! 

projected curved wall sign with removable face for hopsital medical facility
double sided suspended curved sign cafeteria school

Suspended Signs

Our Suspended Signs are the perfect directional sign option for hallways, entry ways, and lobbies. They are double sided and offer great visibility. We also offer a variety of sizes, and every sign comes with a removable face so you can print and change your own paper insert whenever you want. We also offer mounting hardware separately for drop ceilings, drywall, and open ceilings.

Pylon Signs & Towers

Pylons & Tower signs are a great self-standing sign option perfect for lobbies, sales areas, and directories. They are lightweight and durable so you can move them to a different location whenever you want. They also have removable faces so you can swap out the changeable paper insert whenever you want the sign to say something different.

stading pylon tower with removable face for car dealership


Why are these signs called DIY Signs?

We call these signs DIY signs because they are truly “Do It Yourself”. We supply you with the sign, but you can print and change the paper insert whenever you feel like it! This is a great option for churches, schools, and businesses that are constantly changing room names & numbers. Instead of ordering a permanent sign, you can easily just “do it yourself”, and swap out the paper insert whenever you need to change the design, name or room number.

Do you offer paper inserts that I can purchase?

We currently offer 3 basic paper insert designs that we can customize and print for you. There is an additional design fee, as well as the cost for the actual inserts, but this is a great option if you don't want the hassle of designing and printing your own inserts.

Do you offer discounts for large quantities?

Yes we do! It just depends on the quantity and the style of sign. Generally speaking, there is no discount provided unless the quantity is over 25 signs, but we can work with you to find the best sign solution for you at the best price.

Are your DIY Signs durable and high quality?

Absolutely. All of our DIY directional and wayfinding signs are made from high quality anodized aluminum and the removable faces are made from a thick and durable lexan plastic. These signs are a great choice for schools, churches, and hospitals that need durable signs that can withstand normal wear and tear.

What is the manufacturing or lead time for your signs?

We have some of the fastest manufacturing times in the industry and in most cases our Plastic and Metal signs can be manufactured in 8 - 12 Working Days. But some materials, like our Injection Molded Plastic, can be made in 2 - 4 Working Days. Some signage like highly custom signs or Lighted signs can take up to 14 - 18 Working Days. 

How do I install the sign? Is it easy and can I do it myself?

All of our signs are pretty easy and simple to install. We supply a mounting template, mounting hardware (either double sided tape or stud mounts), and instructions with every order. So your not guessing where to put letters or drill holes (if necessary). But if your sign requires a professional installer, we can definitely help you with that - just contact us to see what your options are.

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