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Signs & Letter options that are great for almost any building or business. Most options come with lifetime warranties for exterior usage.

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Building Signs that stand out!

Our Building Letters and Signs come in a variety of different materials, colors and sizes. Everything is custom made to your specifications using metals like Aluminum, Bronze, Brass or Stainless Steel which combine durability, style and elegance. We also have Plastic Building Letters which look great but are also affordable and durable. Then if you are wanting maximum visibility, check out our Lighted Building Letters and Signs which are illuminated with LEDs for the extra wow factor.

Bold & Durable

Our Building Letters and Signs will stand out and bring the extra attention and visibility that your building needs. Whether its Metal or Plastic, you’re letters will not only look great, but they will be durable and weather resistant too.

Easy to Install

All of our Building Letters and Signs are easy to install. With every order we supply all the necessary mounting hardware, instructions, and a paper mounting template which makes the process super simple.


Need your signage to be viewable day and night? Or just wanting a great looking sign? Then look no further than our LED Lighted Building Letters & Signs. Some popular options include Metal Backlit Letters or colorful Front Lit letters.

Building Sign Options

Check out the many possibilities

Building Letters

We offer the largest selection of Building Letters online. Some of our most versatile and affordable letters are our Plastic Building Letters. We also offer Metal Building Letters if you’re looking for brushed or polished metal finishes like Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Brass and Copper.

No matter which option you choose, all of our Building Letters options come with a lifetime warranty and are really easy to install.


Building Custom Logos

Have a Custom Logo or Custom font? Then you came to the right place because we can transform almost any logo or font style into an awesome custom sign for your building or business.

Our Plastic and Metal Custom Logo signs are perfect for almost any building and we can also apply a custom paint color to almost any sign if you are trying to match your brand colors or decor.

Building Lighted Signs

Our Lighted Signs for buildings will totally transform the outside appearance of your business or organization. Our Lighted Signs can be mounted to almost any building exterior and are lighted with LEDs to provide great visibility during the day and night.

Our Backlit Signs are halo lit for a high end and sophisticated look. Meanwhile, our Front Lit and our Custom Lit signs provide maximum brightness and visibility.


Building Plaques

Metal Plaques for buildings are a great option if you are looking for permanent, quality and durable signage for your building exterior.

We offer Bronze, Aluminum, Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel plaque options. All of our Metal Plaques are great for memorials and dedications, and have custom options like portraits and images. And all of our building metal plaques come with a lifetime warranty and are easy to install. 

Building ADA & Directional

Most buildings need directional signs and in some states your business or building may be required to have ADA signs with braille.

Our directional signs and ADA compliant braille signs are great for wayfinding to show your customers and visitors how to navigate your building or business. All of our ADA & Directional signs for building have custom options to make your business or brand stand out, and all are easy to install.



What kind of sign should I get for my building?

This really depends on your budget and desired look. It could also depend on requirements set forth by your landlord or local city building codes. Generally speaking, building signs will be lighted or non-lighted, then from there it’s really just choosing the best material for your budget and desired look or design.

If you’re not sure on the material, we suggest looking around at OUR WORK or through our website to get inspiration. 

What is the most durable material for my building sign?

Our building signs are made with the best materials and quality craftsmanship that is second to none.

We offer lifetime warranties on almost all of our building sign options, so whether its one of our high quality Plastic materials or our durable Metal signs, you can have peace of mind knowing that your building sign is going to stand the test of time.

How do I install my building sign? Can I do it myself?

With every building sign order we send a mounting template, all the necessary mounting hardware, and instructions which should make install pretty easy. The mounting template is a paper pattern that shows exactly where to drill and/or place your letters to ensure your sign is perfect.

In some cases, your building sign might be high up on the building and requires a professional installer or lift – in those cases, we can help find a suitable install solution. 

What if I have a custom logo or font style for my building sign?

Custom logos or custom font styles are no problem for us. In fact, the majority of our building signs are of custom logos or custom font styles. Just send us your artwork of your logo and we can match it exactly for your building sign!

How much does a building sign cost?

Building sign cost can vary dramatically depending on the size, material, and whether it’s lighted or non-lighted. In most cases, a building sign can be had for under $1000 total. But in some cases the cost can be a lot more, especially if its larger letters (24” or larger), in an expensive material like Bronze, Brass or Copper, or if the sign lights up with LEDs. 

How long is manufacturing or lead time for building signs?

We can manufacture most building signs in 8 – 12 Working Days. If you are needing something faster, we suggest checking out our Injection Molded Plastic letters which we can manufacture in about 2 – 5 working days. Lighted building signs usually take the longest at about 14 – 18 Working Days. 

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