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Thick Metal Letters

Durable Metal Letters that offer great Depth and Thickness for maximum visibility.

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Thick Metal Letters that stand out!

Our Thick Metal Letters are a great choice for exterior and interior applications when boldness, depth and visibility are required. We offer a few different options, all of which offer a variety of colors, metal finishes, and thickness options. Our Cast Metal Letters are available in Aluminum and Bronze, come in a variety of premade font options, and can be made up to 2” thick. Our Fabricated Metal Letters come in Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze and can be painted in any color. We can also custom make any font style or logo, and offer thicknesses up to 5” deep!

Great Depth & Thickness

Our Cast Metal Letters and Fabricated Metal Letters both offer great depth and thickness which is perfect for any exterior signage application. We offer thickness options from ½” thick all the way up to 5” deep.

Quality & Durability

Our Thick Metal Letters are made to the highest quality standards and are extremely durable. We apply an exterior grade clear coat which makes them weather resistant for almost any outdoor environment.

Variety of Colors & Finishes

Our Thick Metal Letters come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. We have metal finishes like Bronze, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper. We can also paint them in any color.

Thick Metal Options

Check out the many possibilities

Standard Cast Metal Letters

Our Cast Metal Letters offer great depth, and are available in over 50 different premade font styles. And with thicknesses up to 2” deep they provide the 3D look that so many of our customers want for their exterior building signage. We offer two standard materials – Cast Bronze and Cast Aluminum. Our Cast Aluminum is affordable and versatile because of the wide variety of finishes and paint color options. If you need something more high-end and elegant, than our Cast Bronze Letters are a great option that will add sophistication to any space.

Fabricated Metal Letters

Our Fabricated Metal Letters are a great choice if you need thick signage in a custom font style or size. We can also custom make logos and can match almost any paint color too, which makes our Fabricated Metal a great choice for exterior business signage. We have a variety of colors and metal finishes like Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel and Copper. And with thickness options up to 5” deep, these are the best choice if your sign needs that extra 3D effect.


The main difference between our Cast Metal Letters and our Fabricated Metal Letters is that the Cast Metal Letters are only available in certain font styles, where the Fabricated Metal Letters are completely custom made and can be manufactured in any font style or logo style. The Fabricated Letters are also available in more metal options like Brass, Copper, and Stainless Steel. The Cast Metal Letters are pre casted in either Bronze or Aluminum, and are very cost effective for thick metal letters, because they are only available in certain sizes and fonts styles.

All of our Thick Metal Letters come with a lifetime warranty in most locations which protects against almost all weather conditions. In some cases, like if you are within 10 miles of salt water, then only certain metals of our Thick Metal Letters will be lifetime guaranteed. In these cases, you will want to use our Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminum or Painted Aluminum which are lifetime warrantied regardless of location.

If you have a custom logo or custom font style, then the best option would be our Fabricated Metal Letters which are custom made to any size, font or logo style. The Cast Metal Letters are a great option but are only available in certain sizes and font styles, so they aren’t the best option if you are wanting a sign or letters that are completely unique and custom.

We have a lot of great metal materials and finishes to choose from for our Thick Metal Letters. For our Cast Metal Letters we have Bronze and Aluminum as the primary materials, but from there we can apply a brushed metal, polished metal, oxidized or oil rubbed finish to your bronze or aluminum letters. Our Fabricated Metal Letters have a few more metal materials to choose from like Bronze, Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper. We can also apply a bunch of unique finish options to our Fabricated Metal Letters as well like brushed metal, polished metal, and oxidized.

We have some of the fastest manufacturing times in the industry and in most cases our Plastic and Metal signs can be manufactured in 8 – 12 Working Days. But some materials, like our Injection Molded Plastic, can be made in 2 – 4 Working Days. Some signage like highly custom signs or Lighted signs can take up to 14 – 18 Working Days.

All of our signs are pretty easy and simple to install. We supply a mounting template, mounting hardware (either double sided tape or stud mounts), and instructions with every order. So your not guessing where to put letters or drill holes (if necessary). But if your sign requires a professional installer, we can definitely help you with that – just contact us to see what your options are.


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