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Copper Plaques

Stunning Copper Plaques available in a variety of rose colored finishes

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Why Choose Bronze Plaques?

Our Copper Plaques are used for memorials & dedications, identification, corporate and logo signs for a grand appeal. Brushed and Polished Finishes. Custom graphic images can be precisely and accurately portrayed. 10 working days or less production, up to 4 ft in diameter.


Durable for any environment – inside or outside. Hot or cold, rain or shine.

Lifetime Warranty

Standard Lifetime Warranty. If it breaks, we’ll replace it.. for free.

Easy Install

Most installs can be completed in under 2 hours.

Lots of Colors

Standard and Custom Paint colors available.

Fast Lead Time

Most orders completed in 5 to 8 Working Days.

Need more reasons?

Custom Shapes, Logos & Fonts

Our Copper Plaques can be etched or precision tooled, both of which allow us to manufacture any kind of custom logo, font style, or shape. This makes it a great option for almost any kind of brand or business.

Exceptional Quality & Detail

Our Brilliant Copper Plaques exceed all architectural specs on quality and durability. Designed with the utmost level of permanence . They will stand the test of time and look great for years to come.

Great for Inside or Outside

Our Copper Plaques will add an upscale look to any interior or exterior space. The rose colored Copper finish is unique and eye catching, and is starting to become more popular for memorials, retail storefronts, and offices.

Memorials & Dedications

Our Copper Plaques are a great choice for Memorials, Commemorations & Dedications. We can incorporate portraits, and custom type styles to make your memorial plaque unique and personal.

Buildings & Exteriors

Our Copper Plaques are a great choice for Memorials, Commemorations & Dedications. We can incorporate portraits, and custom type styles to make your commemorative plaque unique and personal.

Donor Walls

Our Copper Plaques will create an eye catching display for your donor wall that will look stunning in almost any kind of interior or exterior environment.

Colors & Options

Options to make your Plaque stand out!

Copper Plaque Finishes

We offer two standard Copper Plaque finishes. Our Brushed is the most popular finish, but we also offer Polished which is in a high mirror finish and is absolutely stunning. Both options are in the classic rose gold Copper finish, and can be used inside or outside.


Borders & Backgrounds

We offer 5 different Standard Borders on our Brass Plaques.  Border Finishes match the plaque copy finish, and Edge Colors match the background colors.

Portrait & Memorial Options

For our Memorial and Dedication Plaques in Copper we have unmatched flexibility in design on size, shape, typestyles, borders, colors and images.


Military & Government Plaques

We have done some awesome looking  Seals & Plaques for most branches of the government and include: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, FBI, and others.  Most of these plaques are usually Bronze or Aluminum, but Copper is also stunning and is unique. Sizes range from 5″ to 96″ in diameter.

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Install & Warranty

Dont worry… Install is a breeze.

How to Install Plaques

The majority of our plaques have stud mount installation – either blind mount or face screw mounted with rosettes.  We also offer post mounts and stake mounts for garden memorial markers.

Lifetime Warranty


Our Plaques are designed to last for many years to come.  We test all of our Plaque Alloys and Finishes so that they will produce a Quality Plaques that will last for years to come.  We feel confident that our products will last in excess of 10 years without any noticeable degradation – and many of our plaques have been installed for decades.

You're in Good Company:

We’ve worked with some awesome companies and organizations over the years. To Fortune 500 companies, to startups, the FBI, and all branches of the military.

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