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Custom Lighted Signs

We can do some amazing Custom Lighted Signs – LED Neon and Push Through Acrylic to name a few.

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Why Choose a Custom Lighted Sign?

If you haven’t noticed by now, we can do some pretty cool lighted signs.  We are not limited like a lot of our competitors to only making “channel letters”. Custom Lighted Signs and Letters from the signage experts at LettersAndSigns.com will make your customers go “Wow”.  Send us your art file and let us show you the options we can do!


Durable for any environment – inside or outside. Hot or cold, rain or shine.

Lifetime Warranty

5 Year Warranty for LEDs & Power Supplies

Easy Install

Most installs can be done in a day!

Lots of Colors

Tons of Colors and Metal Finishes Available.

Fast Lead Time

Most orders completed in 12 -14 Working Days

Need more reasons?

Unique Look & Styles

At LettersAndSigns.com your signage project is only limited by your imagination. We offer Unique Custom Signage options that will stand out.

Unbeatable Quality

Our expert craftsman have been making custom signs for years, and their No. 1 goal is to offer a Quality Signage Projects, at a great price.

Great for Inside or Outside

Our Custom Lit signs are used in interior lobby’s and offices, and trade show displays all the time. They are also seen on the outside of restaurants and buildings.


Our Custom Lighted Signs like our exposed LED Neon is a great choice for Restaurants because it adds uniqueness and a statement to the space.

Conference Rooms

Custom Lighted Signs will add a sense of prestige and confidence to your conference rooms or meeting spaces. The cool lighting effects look amazing, but its also subtle and not distracting.


Custom Lighted Signs are a great choice for exterior signage. We use waterproof LEDs so they can be used in almost any climate. The unique lighting effects are a perfect way to get daytime and nightime visibility for your business.

Colors & Options

If you can dream it, we can do it (probably).

Custom Lighting Styles

At LettersAndSigns.com we can produce Quality Custom Illuminated Lighted Signs and Letters for your business, school, or government entity.

Open Faced Neon

Open Faced Metal Letter with exposed Acrylic Neon

Push Through Sign

A Cabinet sign with push through acrylic protruding from the face of the sign.

Marquee Style

Old Fashioned Marquee Style lighting with big bulbs or LEDs

LED Neon

Looks like real neon, but its actually made from Acrylic and LEDs

Other Options

The two most common options for illuminated signs and letters, that we make at LettersAndSigns.com are Back Lit (Halo) and Front Lit (Channel) letters and logos.

Backlit Signs

Our Back Lit Sign Letters and Logos, come in a variety of metal options and we can match any color.  Custom Logo and letters are easy for us to make.

Front Lit Signs

Front Lit Sign Letters and Logos are the most common illuminated signage options, and we offer pricing and delivery timeliness that are tough to beat.

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How to Install Custom Lighted Signs

We recommend that all illuminated signage projects have a licensed electrician or sign installer verify your installation. Our products are UL certified and everything is included for an easy installation.  Ask one of our signage experts for more information.

You're in Good Company:

We’ve worked with some awesome companies and organizations over the years. To Fortune 500 companies, to startups, the FBI, and all branches of the military.

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