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Acrylic Letters & Logos

Acrylic Letters & Logos look great and are very economical which makes them one of our most popular signage options.

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Why Choose Acrylic?

Our Acrylic Logos & Letters all carry a lifetime guarantee so you will never have to worry about it cracking, peeling, or fading. A great choice for outdoor and indoor applications. We have dozens of standard font styles and colors, or we can custom cut and paint any logo or font you give us. We also offer some of the fastest lead times in the industry, and all the signs are extremely easy to install.


Durable for any environment - inside or outside. Hot or cold, rain or shine.

Lifetime Warranty

Standard Lifetime Warranty. If it breaks, we'll replace it.. for free.

Easy Install

Most installs can be completed in under 2 hours.

Lots of Colors

Standard and Custom Paint colors available.

Fast Lead Time

Most orders completed in 5 to 8 Working Days.

Need more reasons?

Custom Shapes, Logos & Fonts

We have done some pretty amazing custom logos and font styles in acrylic over the years. Acrylic is precision laser cut to make exact letter sizes, logos and shapes to fit your design needs. The polished edges and the variety of standard or custom color options make this a great option for almost any kind of sign.

Cost Effective & Look Great

Acrylic letters and logo’s make a great option for budget minded schools, colleges, start-ups, and small business’s. Why pay more, when you can have a quality acrylic product with a lifetime guarantee? Great prices, and quick production times - what's not to like?

Great for Inside or Outside

Acrylic Letters & Logos has great durability and a lifetime warranty so it can be used in almost any environment. Use it inside for your office lobby wall, or conference room. Or use it outside on a monument or building. We can promise that it will look great and last for a really really long time no matter where you put your sign.  Acrylic itself is a UV tested plastic material, its commonly known as plexiglass or acrylic polymer, and has been known in the signage industry for its superior durability while remaining its low price point. 


Acrylic can be custom cut into any logo or font style, and then we can paint it in any custom color to match your brand exactly. This makes acrylic signs a great option for reception areas and lobbies.

Conference Rooms

Acrylic might be affordable but that doesn’t mean it looks cheap. Acrylic is laser cut and has clean edges which gives it an expensive and sharp look. Despite its low price tag, acrylic is great for conference rooms and offices.


Acrylic can be used outside in any environment, including coastal areas and extreme heat or cold.  We put our acrylic through rigorous UV testing to ensure it never fades or peels. More durable than inferior materials like PVC, all of our Acrylic signs come with an industry leading Lifetime Warranty for Interior or Exterior.

Colors & Options

If you can dream it, we can do it (probably).

Acrylic Colors

We offer Acrylic in a variety of stock colors, all of which are in the standard glossy acrylic finish.  Our standard Acrylic colors are UV tested to ensure they never fade or discolor, and come with our industry leading Lifetime Warranty for interior & exterior usage.

We can also paint acrylic in any custom color – including Pantone, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Behr. Painted Acrylic is available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin, and Matte finishes.

Acrylic Sizes & Thickness

Acrylic comes in multiple sizes and thickness options. We can cut acrylic letters as small as 1/2″ and all the way up to big 72″ tall letters and logos. We also offer 7 different thickness options with 1/4″ thick being the most popular, with thinner and thicker options available depending on your budget. 

Extra Options

Acrylic can be customized in multiple ways. Custom paint, mounted on a panel, or layered acrylic for a cool 3-D look – all of these are great options to give your signage extra pop!

Panel Mounted Acrylic

Acrylic Logos and Letters can be ordered pre-mounted on Aluminum or Acrylic Panels. Options include: Brushed Aluminum, Clear Acrylic, Frosted Acrylic, or White.

Back Painted Acrylic

Instead of painted the front of acrylic, we can use clear acrylic and then paint the back for a really cool effect.

Layered Acrylic

Layered Acrylic is a great way to show multiple colors or borders with extra dimension.

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Install & Warranty

Dont worry… Install is a breeze.

Acrylic Mount Options

All acrylic signs can be easily mounted with our mounting hardware or double sided tape. Make sure to get our Mounting Template which shows exactly where to drill and mount everything. 

How to Install Acrylic

Our “no hassle” easy installation directions make installations a snap.

We send a mounting template, instructions and all the necessary mounting hardware with every order. The mounting templates show you exactly where to drill holes or put the letters so you’re not guessing. Most installs can be done in as little as 2 hours.

Lifetime Warranty


Lifetime Warranty: If it breaks, fades or otherwise fails, we’ll make it right.

Our Acrylic Logos and Letters come with a lifetime warranty and are made of impact tested plastic. They can be used inside or outside and are tested for prolonged exposure to salt, moisture, heat, and UV. 

You're in Good Company:

We’ve worked with some awesome companies and organizations over the years. To Fortune 500 companies, to startups, the FBI, and all branches of the military.

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