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Our Halo Lit Sign Letters and Logos are the best in the industry

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Why Choose Backlit Signs?

Our Backlit – Halo Illuminated sign letters and logos are the best in the industry.  Our expert craftsman create some truly amazing signage projects out of stainless steel, aluminum, bronze or copper for a great price and quick production timelines.


Durable for any environment – inside or outside. Hot or cold, rain or shine.

5 Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty for LEDs & Power Supplies

Easy Install

Most installs can be done in a day!

Lots of Colors

Tons of Colors and Metal Finishes Available.

Fast Lead Time

Most orders completed in 12 -14 Working Days

Need more reasons?

Custom Shapes, Logos & Fonts

Custom Logo and Colors are not a problem for us when we design a Back Lit sign, cause essentially everything we do is Custom. So send us your files and let us show you the possibilites.

Unbeatable Quality

Quality and craftsmanship show in all of our projects for notable retail clients, commercial and government entities.

Great for Inside or Outside

Our Back Lit signs are used in interior lobby’s and offices, and trade show displays all the time. They are also seen on the outside of restaurants and buildings.


Nothing will great your customers and employees better than an amazing looking Backlit sign for your entry way, lobby or reception area.

Conference Rooms

Backlit Signs will add a sense of prestige and confidence to your conference rooms or meeting spaces. The cool halo lighting looks amazing, but is also subtle and not distracting.


Backlit Signs are a great choice for exterior signage. We use waterproof LEDs so they can be used in almost any climate. The halo lighting effect is a perfect way to get daytime and nightime visibility for your business.

Colors & Options

If you can dream it, we can do it (probably).

Backlit Lighting Styles

We offer some really cool Back Lighting options.  Traditional back lighting is most common application –  with the letter standing off the wall.  Acrylic Back Lighting is pretty cool, in either frosted or clear acrylic on the back of the letters or logo and adds an extra “Wow” factor to your project.

Back Lit Signs

Standard Backlit Lighting style which stands off from the wall surface 1″ – 2″. This allows the classic Halo Lit lighting effect

Edge Lit Signs

Acrylic Backer projects from the back creating a more refined and precise lighting effect. Great for interior spaces and trade shows.

Backlit Finishes

Our Backlit Letters can be fabricated in a variety of stainless steel and titanium finishes. The most popular is Brushed Stainless Steel or Painted, but we have a variety of unique finishes like Polished Brass, Copper, and Oxidized finishes.

Extra Options

Acrylic can be customized in multiple ways. Custom paint, mounted on a panel, or layered acrylic for a cool 3-D look – all of these are great options to give your signage extra pop!

Front Lit Signs

Front Lit Signs and Sign letters from LettersAndSigns.com come in a variety of options. We can do Trimless Face, Metal Trim Face, Perforated Metal face and other options.

Custom Lit Signs

A lot of our competitors are limited in their offerings – not us. We offer more Custom Lit Sign options than most sign companies, just ask us.

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How to Install Backlit Signs

Our Back Lit sign letters and logos are fairly easy to install. We recommend having a licensed electrician or sign installer verify that your power needs are all met.  (normal 110 volt current running to our UL listed transformers).  We supply everything needed for a easy installation.

You're in Good Company:

We’ve worked with some awesome companies and organizations over the years. To Fortune 500 companies, to startups, the FBI, and all branches of the military.

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