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Flat Cut Acrylic, Custom Logo and Lettering. (Vinyl on the circle)
This is how we got the letters and circle installed. It looks Beautiful!

Cumberland Academy


Flat Cut Acrylic, Custom Logo and Lettering. (Vinyl on the circle)
I thought you might want to see the finished sign….all lit up. Thanks for all your help thru this project.

And by the way, the remodel/restoration received an award.

Steve T.

Reverse Channel Illuminated Letters

We received our plaque and love it! Thanks so much for being so patient with us.

Overton County Health and Rehab Center

Cast Bronze Plaque
We are so pleased, turned out just like we hoped.



Painted Flat Cut Metal

The sign turned out better than we hoped, and now we need to order another for our other location.

Next Capital

Stainless Steel Letters

Received the letters this morning. I think they look awesome! Hoping my boss does too! Thanks for your help in making this happen as fast as you did!

Lenox Hotel

Minnesota Letters - Metallic Silver painted
Painted Flat Cut Acrylic Letters
Thought I’d send you a few pictures of the sign in our conference room and everyone thinks it is really nice.

Joyce - Kelly Pipe


Painted Flat Cut Acrylic Letters

Thanks a million!! Attached are two photos from our Board Room!

My best,

Catie M
Intellicure, Inc.

Flat Cut Aluminum Letters and Logos
Metal on Acrylic Letters
Here is a picture of our reception area – letters look great. Thanks again for your help.

Trident Title, New Jersey


Metal on Acrylic Letters
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