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How Does This Work?

So, I need some sign letters or signage - but how does it work?

(We make it easy to get your sign letters or signage for the right price with fast delivery and it's easy to install)

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What kind of sign or sign letters should I get? And how big should it be? We can help you determine the best sign or signage for your particular budget and needs. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure your signage needs are met.
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I want to use a logo and a particular font for my signage, and it also needs to match certain colors - can you make it custom? No sweat. Just send us your art file (.ai, .eps, .pdf preferred), or font (tiff ), along with any color specifications. If you don’t have a vectored art file, we can take jpegs, gifs, or pngs (an art fee will be required when we make the sign).
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I don’t have an art file, but I know what I want my sign to say. I also know what font I want to use too. That’s great! Be as detailed as possible. You can also send us a jpeg, png, or gif file. Important: We do not create sign logos from scratch. We have logo companies we can recommend who will do that for you.
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Click this Quick Quote link and start the process of having us create a really great sign for you! Try and give us as much info as possible. We will provide a to-scale proof of what your signage will look like.

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Can I get a layout of my sign or sign letters before I order? Absolutely! We pretty much invented the idea of sending customers proofs prior to ordering. We want to make sure you know exactly what you're getting with sizes, material spec’s, different material options with costs, etc.

What you send

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Most Common Questions

How long does it take to make a sign? Most of our signage projects go out the door in 10 days or less. A lot of it depends on how complex the sign is - a more complex design or the inclusion of illuminated letters will increase the sign production to 14-16 days.

How do I mount the sign, will it be difficult? 90% of our signs are extremely easy to mount on a wall. Some come with stud mounts (which require using a drill) and others are just peel and stick with double sided tape. All signs are ready for installation right out of the box and come with mounting patterns and all the necessary hardware needed.

How do I know if the size of my signage is right for my wall or building? Your signage quote comes with sizes exactly to scale (in other words, you will know exactly how wide and tall your sign will be prior to ordering).

Can I see what the sign will look like on my wall, prior to ordering? Yeppers. If you have a fully vectored logo, or we have the fonts for your sign, we can show you what your sign will look like prior to ordering. Just send us a digital photo of the wall or surface upon which it will be installed. We’ll take care of it from there.

I have very specific color needs... No sweat. We can come up with exact matches to Pantone and Sherwin Williams colors.

Can I get samples? Absolutely! We love sending out samples. Why? Because it allows our customers to know exactly what they are getting (we only send out samples after there has been a quote generated).

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