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Stunning Cast Aluminum Letters in a variety of Fonts & Sizes.

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Why Choose Cast Aluminum?

Cast Aluminum letters are often preferred for their classic look, deep dimension and durability.  Our Cast Metal Letters and Logos are preferred by architects and designers specifying signage for banks, government institutions, schools and universities.  More than 60 standard font styles and symbols, more economical than traditional solid flat cut metal.  Flat, round or prismatic faces, with a variety of finish options including painted, brushed, polished, and anodized.


Durable for any environment – inside or outside. Hot or cold, rain or shine.

Lifetime Warranty

Standard Lifetime Warranty. If it breaks, we’ll replace it.. for free.

Easy Install

Most installs can be completed in under 2 hours.

Lots of Colors

Standard and Custom Finishes &  Colors available.

Fast Lead Time

Most orders completed in 8 – 12 Working Days.

Need more reasons?

Amazing Depth & Quality

Our Cast Aluminum letters offer great depth and can be produced up to 3" deep! They exceed all industry standards, and are made by our expert craftsman. Our Cast Aluminum letters are the choice of architects and designers for almost any kind of building projects. And they carry a Lifetime Guarantee!​

Variety of Fonts, Colors & Finishes

Our Cast Aluminum Letters come in over 50+ premade font styles and a variety of standard sizes. We also offer standard finishes like Brushed Aluminum and Polished Aluminum, but we also offer unique finishes like Anodized and Painted. With so many design options, these are great choice for any sign project.

Great for any Sign Project

Our Cast Aluminum Letters are bold and thick, and can be made up to 3” thick which provides an amazing 3D look that so many of our customers want for the exterior building signage.


Cast Aluminum Letters are a great choice for any exterior building because they’re extremely durable and weather resistant for almost any environment. They’re also very thick and offer great dimension and visibility.


Cast Aluminum Letters are a great choice for store fronts and business entryways. The versatility and combination of finishes makes it a great choice for almost business.


Cast Aluminum Letters are a great choice for Schools & Universities because of their great depth and affordability. We have sizes, fonts and finishes to fit almost any budget.

Colors & Options

If you can dream it, we can do it (probably).

Fonts & Sizes

Cast Aluminum Letters come in 52 “stock” fonts.  These fonts range in size from 2″ up to 24″ (depending upon the font), and come with depths of 3/8″ to 3″ deep for RIBBON DEEP font. 

Cast Aluminum Finishes

Cast Aluminum letters and logos can be brushed, primed, painted, buffed, orbital, random arc, and rust powdercoat.  Our anodized finishes are not just coatings. (anodizing is an electrochemical process that hardens aluminum and allows it to be colorized.  (anodizing allows your letters and logos to be abrasion and weather resistant.  Beautiful finish, increases hardness and durability)

Extra Options

We can cast Logo’s, Symbols, and certainly Plaques.  For letters and Logos that require special mounting options, we can handle it.

Solid Cut Aluminum

Solid Cut Aluminum Letters and Logos are durable enough for outdoors, yet stylish enough for any boardroom. Solid Cut Aluminum is an excellent choice for a variety of signage projects.

Aluminum Plaques

Using only the purest,lead free alloys, our cast aluminum plaques are available in various depths and sizes up to 96″ in diameter. Military & Government Seals, Integrated logos and emblems, Bas Relief, Flat Relief, PhotoRelief, we can do them all.

Lighted Aluminum

Fabricated Aluminum Letters and Logos that are illuminated make a great choice for the customer who wants to create signage that will stand out.

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Install & Warranty

Dont worry… Install is a breeze.

Cast Aluminum Mounts

Cast Aluminum can be easily installed with any of our standard mounting hardware. Stud Mounts are the most common and require drilling. But we also have bottom stud mounts, top stud mounts, and rail mounts.

Our “no hassle, easy install” mounting directions make everything easy.  See below for specific instructions. 

How to Install Cast Aluminum

Our “no hassle” easy installation directions make installations a snap.

We send a mounting template, instructions and all the necessary mounting hardware with every order. The mounting templates show you exactly where to drill holes or put the letters so you’re not guessing. Most installs can be done in as little as 2 hours.

Lifetime Warranty


Lifetime Warranty: If it breaks, fades or otherwise fails, we’ll make it right.

Our Cast Aluminum Letters & Logos come with a lifetime warranty. They can be used inside or outside and are tested for prolonged exposure to salt, moisture, heat, and UV. 

You're in Good Company:

We’ve worked with some awesome companies and organizations over the years. To Fortune 500 companies, to startups, the FBI, and all branches of the military.

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