Metal Faced Letters and Logos offer a more economical choice for our customers wanting to use solid metal. We have several different metal materials to choose from, and we can laminate them to either acrylic or high density foam.  From 3″ to 48″ tall, and 1/8″  to 1″ thick, our metal faced logos and letters are easy to install and produced in 8 working days or less.

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Custom Logos & Letters

We can make Custom Logo’s and Letters out of our Metal on Acrylic or Metal on Foam materials.  Costs less than solid metal and produced faster.

Most Affordable Metal Letters options

If you have an indoor sign that has a considerable amount of letters, and logo elements, we always suggest looking at Metal on Foam and Metal on Acrylic to save money.

Options for great depth

Our Metal Faced Signs and Logos offer great depth, up to 1″ thick.  Compare our Metal laminate options to solid metal in costs, and you will be a believer.

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We offer over 20 different metal laminate options in either brushed or polished finishes.  Price is the same regardless of whatever metal you choose.  Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Pewter and many more to choose from.


Our Metal on Acrylic and Metal on Foam can be mounted directly to panels. They also  come in different colored base colors, or clear or frosted acrylic bases.  We have thickness’s up to 2″ in depth for our high density foam as a base material.

Acrylic or Aluminum Panels

When our customers have alot of letters, and logo elements we often suggest mounting them to clear, frosted, or aluminum panels.

Colored Edge

Our Metal on Acrylic letters and logos can come with up to 30 different acrylic base colors.  Where our Metal on Foam  can be painted to any color.

Clear Acrylic Edge

Our Metal on Acrylic can also come with Clear or Frosted Acrylic base material for a truly awesome looking signage project.

Thick Metal Faced Foam

The Metal on Foam letters and logos can have the base material up to 2″ thick.  Which allows you to truly make your logo element or letters stand off the wall.