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What size should I get?

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There are three determining factors for sign size. 1)Price, 2) how much space you have for the sign, and 3) how far away the sign needs to be viewable from:

Price – If you have a budget, let us know. We don’t want to waste each other’s time quoting you for a massive $3,000 sign, when you have a $500 budget.

How Much Space You Have
– We’re sometimes restricted by how much space you have for the sign. If you have a 10ft wide wall, we don’t want to quote you for a 15ft wide sign. Generally, there should be no less than 5-10% of space on each of side of the sign. So for a 10ft wide wall, you should have 6”-12” of space on each side (5%-10%).

How Far Away The Sign Needs To Be Viewable From
– The general rule of thumb is that for every inch of letter height, it can be viewable from 20ft away. So 5”, it can be viewable from 100ft, 10” from 200ft, etc. Keep this in mind for exterior letters being viewed from roads and highways.

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