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KB Articles

Do you accept POs (purchase orders)?

Sorry, No. We do not have the time or man power to chase after outstanding invoices. We sometimes accept PO’s for Government & Military Agencies.

Can I get a discount?

We give discounts for multiple sets of signage projects, or large quantities of sign letters.

What are mounting patterns?

Mounting patterns are paper templates of the exact outline of your signage project. These patterns will show you exactly where to place your letters or logo’s, and where to drill holes if necessary. Refer to our install videos and instructions here for more details:

Do you help with permits?

We can help with all the necessary drawings and layouts you will need for the permit process in your city, but we will not file the permit for you. (most city’s require personal involvement from the actual sign owner or installer).

Do you offer professional installations?

Yes, we do. If you would like to have someone install the signage for you, we can arrange to have it professionally installed. We do not mark up professional installation prices.

How do I install this sign?

Most of our signs are really easy to install, and we can supply you with mounting templates and instructions on how to install your sign. Refer to our install videos and instructions here: www.www.lettersandsigns.com/installation-methods/

What do you mean “Lifetime Guaranteed”?

A lot of our exterior and interior sign letters carry lifetime guarantee’s. Meaning: that we will replace the letter if it; chips, cracks, fades, or tarnishes dues to natural causes or normal wear. The Lifetime Guarantee does not cover faulty installations, or damage done from natural disasters or vandalism.

Do you send free samples?

Samples are free, the shipping is $10. If you want a specific size and font or shape – we might have to make it, then we will have to charge retail price for it.