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DIY Curved Projecting Signs

Versatile Projecting Signs with removable faces and changeable inserts

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Why Choose Projecting Signs?

Our DIY Projecting Signs provide great visibility in hallways for churches, office buildings, and hospitals. They stick out perpendicular to the wall which is great for elevator, stairwells, room names, and directional signs. All signs come with removable faces so you can change the paper inserts whenever you like.

Lifetime Warranty

Standard Lifetime Warranty. If it breaks, we’ll replace it.. for free.

Easy Install

Most Projecting Signs can be installed in less than 10 minutes.


Interchangeable inserts provide great flexibility for new designs and wording.

Fast Lead Time

Most Projecting Signs ship out in 2 – 4 Working Days

Need more reasons?

Easy Change Inserts

All DIY Projecting signs come blank so you print and change your own paper inserts whenever you want. This provides great flexibility for constantly changing room names and numbers.

Variety of Sizes & Styles

We offer tons of size options for our DIY projecting signs. Below our some of our most popular sizes but contact us if you want more options!

Colors & Options

Tons of Sizes & Options

PJP Projecting Signs

These are our standard projecting signs with the end caps on top and bottom. They are available in anodized silver and powder coated black. Contact us for more size options!

Half Page Wall Signs

Half Page wall signs are great if you need some extra space for various info or room names and numbers. All signs are made from aluminum and are available in anodized silver or powder coated black.

DIY Sign Installation

All DIY Directory signs come with pre-drilled holes and screws for easy installation.

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