Cast Bronze or Aluminum letters are often preferred for their classic look, deep dimension and durability.  Our Cast Letters and Logos are preferred by architects and designers specifying signage for banks, government institutions, schools and universities.  More than 60 standard font styles and symbols, more economical than traditional solid flat cut metal.  Flat, round or prismatic faces, with a variety of finish options including painted, brushed, polished, anodized, oxidized and patina. 

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Why choose Cast Aluminum?

Great Depth & Quality

Cast letters and logo’s make a great option for budget minded schools, colleges, and small business’s that are looking for metal letters with great depth. We have some fonts that are up to 2″ deep. All expertly produced by our quality craftsman for a Lifetime Guarantee!

Cost Effective

Compare the cost of Cast Metal Aluminum letters to a flat cut metal, and you will see that you can get deeper cast letters for the same or lower price. Why pay more, when you can have a quality Cast Letter or Logo with a lifetime guarantee?

Custom Font, Logo, and Color Options

Choose from any aluminum finish, flat, round or prismatic face options. Letters and logos done per your art files, from 4″ to 7 feet tall and will carry a Lifetime Guarantee. Our “no hassle” installation mounting patterns and directions, make it a snap to install.

Some of our AwesomeCast Aluminum Signs


Cast Aluminum Letters come in 52 “stock” fonts.  These fonts range in size from 2″ up to 24″ (depending upon the font), and come with depths of 3/8″ to 3″ deep for RIBBON DEEP font. 


Cast Aluminum letters and logos can be brushed, primed, painted, buffed, orbital, random arc, and rust powdercoat.  Our anodized finishes are not just coatings. (anodizing is an electrochemical process that hardens aluminum and allows it to be colorized.  (anodizing allows your letters and logos to be abrasion and weather resistant.  Beautiful finish, increases hardness and durability)


Our Cast Aluminum letters and logo can be painted in any of our 46 stock paint colors.  The painted colors are directionally brushed, primed, liquid spray acrylic polyurethane, then oven baked.   We can also paint cast metal letters and logos in any color – including Pantone, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Behr.


We can cast Logo’s, Symbols, and certainly Plaques.  For letters and Logos that require special mounting options, we can handle it.

Flat Cut Aluminum Letters and Logos are durable enough for outdoors, yet stylish enough for any boardroom. Flat Cut Aluminum is an excellent choice for a variety of signage projects.

Fabricated Aluminum Letters and Logos that are illuminated make a great choice for the customer who wants to create signage that will stand out.

Using only the purest,lead free alloys, our cast aluminum plaques are available in various depths and sizes up to 96″ in diameter. Military & Government Seals, Integrated logos and emblems, Bas R, Flat Relief, PhotoRelief, we can do them all.


Our mounting options: Flush Stud, Projected Jam Nut Mount, Projected Spacer Mount, Corrugated Mount, Flat Metal Wall Mount, Double Rail Mount, Bottom & Top Rail Mount, Bottom or Top Stud and Bottom Back Angle Bracket Mount.


All Cast Aluminum letters and logos come with our “No Hassle Mounting Patterns”, which make it extremely easy for installation.  Exact outlines of the letters and logos with hole locations marked on the plotter paper.  Easy..

Cast AluminumWARRANTY

Lifetime Warranty: If it breaks, fades or otherwise fails, we’ll make it right.

Our Cast Aluminum  Logos and Letters come with a lifetime warranty and are tested and exceed  the highest required architectural and building tolerances. They can be used inside or outside and are tested for prolonged exposure to salt, moisture, heat, and UV.